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Introduction of CHINWOO

CHINWOO Education will recommend a WUSHU training program ceremoniously to you, which will be the first time to initiate the world champion class standard project in Dubai.

CHINWOO is established by Huo Yuanjia, a legendary figure, he was born on January 19, 1868 in Hebei, China. He is the descendants of warriors, but also one of the characters which have the best comprehensive martial arts in the world. And he presented numerous glories with all respects for the world martial arts stage. He defeated the British Hercules Okinawa in 1909 and founded the Shanghai CHINWOO School. Tenet of this school is: the spirit of the strong nation must start from the strong national spirit. CHIN, inspire the national spirit, WU, strong national physique. CHINWOO after 100 years of development, nowadays, more than 60 countries in the world have CHINWOO. And In December 2014 Chinese martial arts master Ahmad · XuFeng and Noora Cong XiaoLing founded the Dubai CHINWOO association. Fortunately, with Ahmad and Noora, we can still experience the old techniques and traditions of WUSHU. Their dream of spreading peace and health through WUSHU will become a reality in DUBAI CHINWOO. They will spread the WUSHU culture to every corner of the UAE.

So far we have made some achievements .In the national day of the 45th anniversary of the founding of the UAE, we received an invitation from His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan,Minister of Culture to give them a wushu performance in Abu Dhabi .We taught wushu at the Dubai Police Officers Club in 2015. And we also participated in the National Sports Day in the UAE in 2015 and 2016.But it is not enough. We need to do more. We want more people to know wushu, to learn about it, and to love it. wuhsu is a part of the Chinese vast and profound culture. We hope that people will feel the charm of Chinese wushu while knowing other Chinese cultures. So therefore, the focus of our work is to promote wushu in schools. Our aim is to through Dubai as a bridge to spread and develop Chinese Wushu in the UAE and even the entire Middle East. At present we are the only official agency in the UAE.UAE CHINWOO has the full authority to train students independently and to conduct the assessment of Wushu Grades and Duan levels in the Middle East under the exclusive authorization of Chinese Wushu Association to conduct the assessment of Wushu Grades and Duan level

June 2017, the UAE CHINWOO and the Chinese Wushu Association signed an agreement, UAE CHINWOO has the full authority to conduct the assessment of Wushu Grades and Duan levels , and at the same time , founded UAE Examination and Assessment Center of Chinese Wushu Duanwei System

In September 2017 the UAE CHINWOO joined the International Health Qigong Federation, has the full authority to conduct the assessment of Health Qigong Grades and Duan levels.

Aims and Missions

  Develop WUSHU in UAE schools in order to provide opportunities to children to travel to China and all around the world to have a close contact with their culture, and to participate in world-class competitions and get higher dan grading of martial arts. At the same time it means that our students will have the opportunity to become a world martial arts competition. The ultimate goal of our project is to create a new Wushu World Champion in the UAE.

History of CHINWOO

Dubai's CHINWOO association is an international martial arts training organization whose mission is to discover the UAE's potential martial arts talent, and then we will do our best to train them, motivate them and encourage them and to give them all kinds of support to reach the highest international level and create a world champion.
China CHINWOO Gymnastics School was established in July 7th 1910.
In 1920 founded the fine martial arts teacher school, the branch of CHINWOO is more than 20 in the world.
In February 1929. CHINWOO Association and China Central National WUSHU Museum coexist in China.
In 1931, the War of Resistance Against Japan broke out, CHINWOO general was occupied by the enemy, and the students in Jing Wu joined the army to resist the Japanese aggression.
May 9, 1985 World predecessors’ heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali was invited to come to China, and went to Shanghai after arriving in Beijing and Xi'an, and he made a special trip to CHINWOO in order to have a exchange experience with the master in CHINWOO.